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Why Choose Valid ESA Letters?

We got into this space because of all the ESA fraud on the internet. In the beginning, sites told you that you can just register your animal, and POOF! it was an emotional support animal and you could live and fly with your pet for free. Once people figured out that was a scam, these companies started getting a supposed mental health care “professional” to send you a letter based on a twenty-question form you filled out online. These letters do not comply with teletherapy guidelines and are frequently rejected by landlords and airlines.

At Valid ESA Letters, we have created a place where consumers can get an honest diagnosis and if they truly need a support animal can receive a valid letter. We have put together a nationwide network of licensed mental health care professionals whose letters have been reviewed and approved by lawyers and meet all federal and state guidelines. We adhere to the code of ethics and conduct provided by SPODA and have received their seal of approval.

  • We were founded by individuals who love animals and have a long history in the mental health space.
  • We work with a nationwide network of mental health professionals that are licensed in your state – this is required for a legal diagnosis.
  • All consumers must have a live consultation with a mental health professional. Follow up sessions are available to ensue the diagnosis is accurate and the remedies are working – the only legal way to establish a relationship with the prescribing MHP. An online test/exam without a live consultation is not legitimate. Our lawyers have caught scammer sites forging our Mental Health Professional’s letters and reported them to authorities.
  • Your ESA letter has been reviewed and approved as well as approved by each mental health professional. The ESA letters meet all American Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act (FHA), Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) requirements.
  • Because you have a letter from one of our MHPs, you are not required to pay any pet-related airline and housing fees.
  • We have attorneys on staff for legal support if you need it. We can help you review the laws, learn how to file a discrimination complaint, or how to talk about your diagnosis to landlords, airlines, housing authorities, HUD, and state agencies. We also fight scam websites every day to help protect innocent people.
  • There’s no risk – If you are not approved for an ESA, there is no cost to you.
  • ValidESALetters.org earned the coveted Society for Prevention of Online Diagnostic Abuse (SPODA) certification for its Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • ValidESALetters.org is the only online business that provides both a PHYSICAL ADDRESS and phone number – Many competitor sites don’t provide this info and we have found many operating out of China.
  • Live customer support 7 days per week, 7am to 10 pm CST. Call us at (314) 714-4987

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the ESA letter you receive is from a mental healthcare professional licensed to practice in your state and will work as intended. However, if for any reason your landlord tries to deny you your ESA rights, our internal legal team will remedy the issue.

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