ValidESA Refund Policy

If you qualify, the letter you will receive is written to meet federal guidelines. If you do not qualify, you will not be charged. Therefore, refunds will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our legal team.

In order to qualify for a refund for the cost of the consult, you must:

    Present proof that a written request for reasonable accommodation and the ESA authorization letter were presented to your landlord, housing management company, or housing authority.
    If you are refused reasonable accommodation, you must call our legal department for legal support to give us the chance to guide you through the complaint process or contact your landlord, housing management company, or housing authority.
    After filing disability discrimination complaints with HUD and the state housing authority, present the rejection letter from any of the government housing authorities that they have rejected your ESA due to the letter.

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the ESA letter you receive is from a mental healthcare professional licensed to practice in your state and will work as intended. However, if for any reason your landlord tries to deny you your ESA rights, our internal legal team will remedy the issue.

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