Airlines Crack Down On The Emotional Support Animal Scam

Airlines Crack Down On The Emotional Support Animal Scam
  • 11 Oct 2018
  • Jennifer C.

Airlines are cracking down on the rampant emotional support animal scam as the number of “emotional support animals” has exploded 3x over the past 18 months. With an increasing number of incidents ranging from animals attacking passengers to pooping on the plane, and travelers trying to pass their snakes, horses and peacocks (yes, peacocks!) off as emotional support animals, airlines have been forced to tighten their policies. Anyone that doesn’t have a LEGITIMATE ESA letter and the now required airline specific letter will not be allowed to bring their animal on the plane. So, what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

Three Easy Steps

What is the emotional support animal scam?

Dozens of websites are issuing non-compliant ESA letters that will NOT get your pet on a plane or into “no pet policy” housing without a pet security deposit. How can you tell the legitimate ESA letter companies from the non-compliant ones? It’s actually pretty simple.

** If you do not speak to a mental health professional licensed to practice in your state then your ESA letter is worthless **

These are the most common ways companies are scamming people with non-compliant ESA letters:

  1. They approve you for an ESA letter after answering a few questions online.
  2. They have you message/talk with a mental healthcare professional that is not located in your state (often overseas).
  3. They “register” your emotional support animal, but do not issue you an ESA letter.

Remember, if the price is too go to be true, it probably is. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and paying a slight premium for a letter you know is legitimate is absolutely worth it. It would be incredibly embarrassing and inconvenient to be turned down at the gate and be forced to miss your flight!

Why are people selling non-compliant ESA letters?

It costs up to $450 to put your pet on a roundtrip flight, but emotional support animals fly for free. Naturally people want to save money and do some quick research on how to make their pet an emotional support animal. Whenever there is a high demand for something, companies with less than noble interests take advantage of the situation. These companies advertise cheap ESA letters online and make you think they are legitimate by asking you a few questions or having you speak to some cheap overseas doctor. These letters will NOT work and can ruin your vacation.

If you are interested in getting a legitimate ESA letter click here and schedule an appointment with a mental health professional licensed to practice in your state today.

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  • Speak with a Doctor on the Phone

    The doctor will ask you a few questions and assess whether or not you qualify for an emotional support animal. If you do not qualify, you will NOT be charged.

  • Receive Your ESA Letter

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the ESA letter you receive is from a mental healthcare professional licensed to practice in your state and will work as intended. However, if for any reason your landlord or airline tries to deny you your ESA rights, our internal legal team will remedy the issue.

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