All ESA Letters Are Not Created Equal

All ESA Letters Are Not Created Equal
  • 8 Oct 2018
  • Diana F.

Travelers using emotional support animals has grown by over 110% since 2016. Unfortunately, this massive increase in demand for emotional support animals has led to more and more ESA companies that have less than noble intentions. Some of these companies are just being negligent, while others are committing outright fraud. So how can you tell the legitimate ones from the scams? The answer to this question is quite simple.

Three Easy Steps

** If you do not speak to a mental health professional licensed to practice in your state then your ESA letter is worthless **

Beware of:

  1. Sites that approve you for an ESA letter after answering a few questions online.
  2. Sites that have you message/talk with a mental healthcare professional that is not located in your state (often overseas).
  3. ESA letters that are suspiciously cheap.
  4. Registering your emotional support animal is NOT the same as getting an ESA letter.

How Do I Get A Valid ESA Letter?

Talking to a mental health professional or doctor licensed to practice in your state is the ONLY way to obtain a valid ESA letter. You can talk to them in person, on the phone or over video chat.

  • Schedule Your Risk-Free Doctor Consult!

    Submit this 1-minute lead form or call (314) 714-4987 to schedule your risk-free doctor consult.

  • Make a Secure Payment (Only charged if you are approved by a doctor)

    Pay for your ESA letter and add on additional required airline-specific forms.

  • Speak with a Doctor on the Phone

    The doctor will ask you a few questions and assess whether or not you qualify for an emotional support animal. If you do not qualify, you will NOT be charged.

  • Receive Your ESA Letter

    Once the doctor has approved you for an ESA letter, we will send you the letter via email.

In addition to this, many airlines, including United, Delta, Alaska, American and Jet Blue, require an additional form to bring your emotional support animal on the plane. A legitimate ESA company will know about this and provide these airline specific letters as well.

Not all ESA letters are the same. Your ESA letter should be written on a licensed mental health professional’s official letterhead with their licensing and direct contact information. Make sure that the licensed mental health professional’s license is in good standing and up to date by searching your state’s professional licensing database online.

If you are interested in getting a legitimate ESA letter click here and schedule an appointment with a mental health professional licensed to practice in your state today.

Do Emotional Support Animals Really Help?

Dogs and other domesticated animals are well-known for their abilities to provide comfort during times of sadness, anxiety, or other types of emotional stress. As the rates of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety steadily climb in the United States, emotional support animals are becoming increasingly popular as therapy aides. Under federal law, individuals who have emotional support animals are granted two very important rights. They cannot be denied access on a flight with their ESA and landlords cannot refuse to rent to them due to a “no pets” policy. Emotional support animals are exempt from any pet security deposit and/or fees.

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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the ESA letter you receive is from a mental healthcare professional licensed to practice in your state and will work as intended. However, if for any reason your landlord or airline tries to deny you your ESA rights, our internal legal team will remedy the issue.

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